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Each year, our nomadic performers delight audiences by acting out a story on several nights during the festival.

This is interactive theatre at its best and festival-goers are encouraged to participate by writing down their regrets, unhappy feelings, or sad memories in the Story Telling tent. Every evening, these pieces of paper will be put into lanterns and set on fire during the Lantern Walk that wraps up the evening.

Make Your Own Lantern!
Each evening of the Lantern Walk, make your own lantern ($2 ea.) from 4-7pm, to carry during the Walk starting at 7:30pm.

The Land of the Golden Apples

It is the eve of the wedding between Prince Gerald and Princess Summer. Ever since the white wolves were defeated and warmth returned to the Land of the Golden Apples, the people of the land have been living in harmony and anticipating the great celebration of love between the Prince and Princess.

But in the last few weeks, a dark shadow has fallen over the kingdom. In the frozen mountains to the East, the Envy Trolls caught wind of the great love in the Kingdom and, starving for love themselves, have descended into the Kingdom to feed on the love of the people. The Envy Trolls feed by capturing and cursing the love out of the people of the kingdom, replacing their love and generosity with jealousy and suspicion. Once someone has been taken by the trolls, they return with their minds full of lies and doubts about the people they once loved.

Over the past while the people of the Kingdom have been turning on one another, turning each other over to the trolls and forgetting the love and laughter the Kingdom depends on to flourish. The Kingdom has turned dark and foreboding. The envy of the trolls has replaced the apples of love with suspicious eyes that watch every person’s move. Snakes have begun to eat their own tails. The fish have grown jealous of the creatures of the land and jumped out of the seas.

The trolls kept getting hungrier and hungrier, and have now captured Prince Gerald, desperate to feed on the deep, powerful love he has for Princess Summer. Princess Summer, learning of her betrothed’s capture, has left the castle on a quest to defeat the trolls and rescue Gerald from the frozen stronghold he has been placed in. But the magic of the Trolls is powerful, and she must be brave and clever to outsmart them and avoid capture herself. Princess Summer must find all the clues left behind as to where Gerald is and get to him in time before the Trolls can curse him. The trolls, having learned of Summer’s quest, have determined to capture her too. By consuming their love together, the trolls will grow powerful enough to take over the entire Kingdom.

Princess Summer, through her daring and enduring love, manages to track down Prince Gerald, outwit the Envy Trolls and liberate Prince Gerald. Their re-united love is too powerful for the Trolls and they are banished back to the mountains from whence they came.

With the trolls gone, the peoples’ love starts to return to their hearts and the curse is lifted. The King announces that the wedding of Prince Gerald and Princess Summer will take place immediately and the entire Kingdom is united in a renewal of love and joy.



Silver Skate

The mission of the Silver Skate Festival Society is to provide a free family-oriented winter celebration blending sport, recreation, arts and culture, showcasing various skating disciplines and promoting outdoor activities in Alberta.

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