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Fire Sculpture Marc Chalifoux

DOWNLOAD: 2019 Fire Sculpture Artist Application (PDF)
Application Deadline: Friday, November 30, 2018

Fire Sculpture at Silver Skate Festival 2017

Since 2009, Silver Skate Festival has hosted a fire sculpture installation. This spellbinding spectacle of light serves as a finale to the Silver Skate Folk Trail.

Throughout each day of the weekend (Fri-Sun) a team of fire artists will be building a sculpture that will be burned at 7:45pm on each of those days. Each day features a different team of artists and each day presents a different interpretation of the story, "The Land of the Golden Apples". In the story, the fire represents renewal and the release of thoughts that make us sad or any fear or regret that chases love from our hearts. In the Storytelling tent the public is invited to write down any of the aforementioned thoughts to be offered to the fire sculpture.

Members of the public are also invited to make a lantern at the Workshop tent adjacent to the Storytelling tent from 4-7pm and a lantern procession at 7:30pm makes its way to the fire circle for the burn. As the fires burn so does any chance of the curse returning to the kingdom and each Golden Apple in the land shines a little brighter.

Each evening ends with some lively entertainment from our main stage and everyone lives happily ever after.

Fire Sculpture Installation

Teams: please ensure you know your designated installation date.



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