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Join us to celebrate the fun of fatbiking! The FatBike Fest aims to bring together fatbikers and neophytes from near and far for a good time on the snow and trails along the North Saskatchewan River Valley.

Distances for individuals and relay teams!
10k, 20k, 30k and 40k

All Entry Packages Include:

  • Custom Tech-t
  • Official Chip timing
  • Portion of entry to the Silver Skate Festival

From the starting line, athletes will head south across the parkland and hop onto the trail system that takes you below Saskatchewan Drive. The trail climbs up next to 76 Ave where you will follow the paved trail down Keillor Road. Near the bottom of the road, you will turn right and follow the lower trail westbound to the open bowl at Whitemud Creek Ravine. Following the ravine, you will ride to the open bowl by Whitemud Creek and make a left turn followinng the paved/snow packed trail back up to Saskatchewan Drive. Return to the finish/lap point the same way you started.

Enjoy the snow, descents...and climbs!


  • All riders are expected to be in position in the start area before 10:45am.
  • The ride starts at 11:00am sharp.

Riders are asked to self-select an appropriate starting position within the start area.  Finding the right spot that best matches your fitness level, riding confidence and anticipated finish time is important for a smooth start for everyone.  Chat with the rider next to you to see where you fit.  Fastest riders to the front of the pack.

Remember, your official ride time only starts when you cross the start line so it doesn’t matter how far back you are!


All riders will receive an electronic timing chip. At the end of the ride, you’ll have information about your overall riding time. Results will be posted on our website by midnight on event day.  Results will also be emailed out to you.

Please note: improperly mounted timing chips could result in errors with your time. Ask our timing team at the registration for a demonstration of how to properly mount your chip.


  • Ride: Only true fat bikes are allowed in the event (no mountain bikes as the tire width damages the snowpacked trails in the winter).
  • I don't have a FatBike? For those without a ride, a limited number of demo bikes may be available through our partners. Come to the event site early and check out our partners!
  • Age: You must be at least 14 years of age to participate. Riders under the age of 18 must have their registration application signed by a parent or guardian.


Our partners will be onsite showcasing the latest and newest fatbike and gear!

2019 Race Results

10km Overall

1 Heiko Boychuk 40:47
2 Guy Tellier 40:58
3 Alison Criscitiello 41:32
4 Trevor Sokolan 54:39

20km Overall

1 Kevin Clarke 59:53
2 Rene Belanger 1:06:20
3 Alberto Altamirano 1:22:07
4 Tanya Ruman 1:35:27
5 Rob Destefanis 1:35:31

30km Overall

1 Luis Franco 1:07:17
2 Stu Williams 1:54:22
3 Daniel De Stefanis 2:01:12

40km Overall

1 Heiko Boychuk 40:47
2 Guy Tellier 40:58
3 Alison Criscitiello 41:32
4 Trevor Sokolan 54:39
Silver Skate

The mission of the Silver Skate Festival Society is to provide a free family-oriented winter celebration blending sport, recreation, arts and culture, showcasing various skating disciplines and promoting outdoor activities in Alberta.

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