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Winter Triathlon & Ice Duathlon Marc Chalifoux Photography

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The Silver Skate Festival is home to the Edmonton Winter Triathlon (EWT), which challenges all levels of athletes to run, skate and ski to frosty victory.

(Long, Short, or Dash Course)

Solo, Team or Family Challenge Races will be chip timed at three distances: Long Course (13 km), Short Course (9 km), or Dash (5 km).

Athletes can fly solo, participate with their family, or enter a team of friends (up to five people). Teams and Families can split the race as they choose and pass the baton as often as they like.

All three legs of the triathlon take place inside Hawrelak Park. Sign up and enjoy the challenge!

Part One: Run One
The race starts with a run of 2.3km on the road around the park. Athletes run around a 1800m, out-and-back course: 1 lap.

Part Two: Skate
Next, skate 4km or 6km on Hawrelak Lake. Athletes skate around the 1000m loop: 4 laps (Short Course) or 6 laps (Long Course).

Part Three: Ski
Last, ski 2.5km or 5km. Athletes complete the final run: 1 lap (Short Course) or 2 laps (Long Course).

Water, food, and refreshments will greet all athletes after they ski across the finish line.

Awards will be given out to individuals, teams, and families at 2pm.

Ice Duathlon

Ice Duathlon, Short Course (8km)

  • 2.5k run, 4k skate, 1.5k run
  • 1 lap (long), 4 laps, 1 lap (short) = 6 laps
  • Solo, Families, Teams

Ice Duathlon, Dash (4km)

  • 1.5k run, 1k skate, 1.5k run
  • 1 lap (short), 2 laps, 1 lap (short) = 4 laps
  • Solo

Race Courses

About Winter Triathlons

Born in 1989 to race a "little different than the ordinary," the EWT brings together three common winter pursuits: running, skating, and skiing.

The race began as a “sprint” 5-5-5 km format with a skate and ending with a ski. In 2007, the race changed to the longer and more challenging distance of 10-10-5 km, skate-ski-run. In 2012, we hosted two different distances: 10-10-5 km and 4-4-2 km. The current format started 2015.

Winter triathlon combines three disciplines of either cross-country skiing, running, biking, skating, or snowshoeing. Canada boasts two of the longest running winter triathlons, in Edmonton and Ottawa. Meanwhile, Quebec hosts one of the biggest events on the Plains of Abraham.

2019 Race Results

Long Distance Overall

1 40:27 Greg NICHOLSON
2 43:05 Spencer PETERSON
3 45:31 Mark WOODHOUSE
4 45:50 Simon FERGUSON
5 50:27 Gerrad LEWIN
6 55:05 Thomas BROWN
7 55:16 Luke BAKKER
8 58:24 Brynlee THOMAS
9 59:36 Jenny WILSON-GIBBONS
10 1:01:01 Stephanie GEARY
11 1:02:25 Brenda BARRON
12 1:08:01 Julien VAN HEUKELOM

Long Distance Family Overall

1 49:10 Small But Furious
2 55:54 Frog, Lamb and Little Cheeta

Long Relay Distance Overall

1 45:48 Sawabunga Dudes

Short Distance Overall

1 41:39 Andrew AMBROCICHUK
2 42:26 Courtney FELTON
3 49:23 Diane BRODEUR
4 50:22 Melanie LEWIS
5 52:14 Mark CAFFRAY
6 57:04 Pamela MCCOY JONES
7 57:38 Brittany MCCOY
8 58:24 Webb DUSSOME

Short Distance Family Overall

1 50:02 Shultz FMT

Short Distance Duathlon Overall

1 38:06 Derek SCHUTZ
2 48:32 Janna OLSON

Short Distance Duathlon Relay Overall

1 30:12 Rampage PC
2 35:51 Campbell West

Dash Distance Overall

1 25:00 Jessica ROGIANI



Silver Skate

The mission of the Silver Skate Festival Society is to provide a free family-oriented winter celebration blending sport, recreation, arts and culture, showcasing various skating disciplines and promoting outdoor activities in Alberta.

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