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Heritage Village Marc Chalifoux Heritage Village

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  • Venue: Hawrelak Park, Edmonton, AB

Heritage Village

What could be more Canadian than an aboriginal encampment, or blacksmithing? At the Heritage Village, festival goers get a taste of Canada's pioneer history, something that both new Canadians and fourth-generation Canucks will appreciate. 

This year's activities include:


Cree Winter Camp

(weekends and Family Day 12pm - 6pm)

Everyone is invited to participate community to participate in an interpretative Cree Winter Camp, which will teach visitors about how the Cree people relied on their natural surroundings for survival. The interactive experience takes place inside a traditional log dwelling, with plenty of hides and furs, and a hearth for light and warmth.

Blacksmithing Demonstrations

(weekends and Family Day 1pm - 5pm)

Watch blacksmiths forge the primary tools of the trade: a punch, hammer and tongs. These techniques are the same as those used to produce Damascus steel, artwork, wrought iron, and are still used today to recreate historic hardware.

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Silver Skate

The mission of the Silver Skate Festival Society is to provide a free family-oriented winter celebration blending sport, recreation, arts and culture, showcasing various skating disciplines and promoting outdoor activities in Alberta.

Silver Skate Festival Society,10212 -112 ST NW Edmonton AB T5K 1M4 | Phone: +1 780.488.1960