Event Schedule

2016 Event Schedule


February 2016Fri 12Sat 13Sun 14Mon 15Tue 16Wed 17Thu 18Fri 19Sat 20Sun 21
Alberta Milk Free Hot Chocolate        1pm-5pm1pm-5pm
Alberta Milk Sleigh Rides noon-4pmnoon-4pmnoon-4pm    noon-4pmnoon-4pm
Cessco Snow Garden   noon-9pm9am-9pm9am-9pm9am-9pm9am-9pm9am-9pm9am-5pm
Cessco Snow Sculpture Symposium9am-6pm9am-6pm9am-6pm9am-noon      
Dead Cold Run   10am      
Everything Under the Rainbow     4pm-8pm    
Fire Sculpture Burn7:45pm7:45pm7:45pm7:45pm   7:45pm7:45pm 
Fire Sculpture Installation9am-7pm9am-7pm9am-7pm9am-7pm   9am-7pm9am-7pm 
Figure Skating Demonstrations 1pm & 3pm1pm & 3pm1pm & 3pm    1pm & 3pm1pm & 3pm
Folk Trail4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm   4pm-8pm4pm-8pm 
Free Family Fun Zone4pm-8pm1pm-5pm1pm-5pm1pm-5pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm1pm-5pm1pm-5pm
Heritage Village 1pm-5pm1pm-5pm1pm-5pm    1pm-5pm1pm-5pm
Kids of Chill Winter Triathlon     6pm-8pm    
Kortebaan Race         1pm
Lantern Processsion7:30pm7:30pm7:30pm7:30pm   7:30pm7:30pm 
Lantern Workshop4:30pm-7pm4:30pm-7pm4:30pm-7pm4:30pm-7pm   4:30pm-7pm4:30pm-7pm 
Live Performers in the Park 1pm-8pm1pm-8pm1pm-5pm   3:30pm-8pm1pm-8pm1pm-5pm
Mammoet Winter Triathlon         9:30am
Northgate 1km Skate Race        11:15am 
Northgate 1km All Corners Skate Race         11:20am  
Northgate 5km Junior Skate Race          11:00am  
Northgate 10km Skate Race            9:30am
Northgate 25km Skate Race         9:30am  
Snowboarding Clinic 1pm-5pm1pm-5pm1pm-5pm    1pm-5pm1pm-5pm
Snow Daze School Program    9am-3pm9am-3pm9am-3pm9am-3pm  
1km & 5km Snowshoe Races        10am 
Valentine's Day Sleigh Ride *paid event4pm-9pm4pm-9pm4pm-9pm4pm-9pm      
Winter Sport4pm-8pm1pm-5pm1pm-5pm1pm-5pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm1pm-5pm1pm-5pm
Winter Tri-it Orientation     8pm    


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Live Performers Schedule




Saturday February 13th2:00PM- 3:00PMGarry Lee
 3:15PM- 3:45PM

Donny Rain of Reservation Soul

 4:00PM- 5:00PMTall Tales & The Tinkerbox
Sunday February 14th2:00PM- 3:00PMJosephine Van Lier
 3:15PM- 3:45PMDonny Rain of Reservation Soul
 4:00PM- 5:00PM

Booming Tree Taiko

Monday February 15th2:00PM- 3:00PM

Booming Tree Taiko

 4:00PM- 5:00PMJohn Spearn
Saturday February 20th2:00PM- 3:00PMGarry Lee
 3:15PM- 3:45PMDonny Rain of Reservation Soul
 4:00PM- 5:00PMSubEgo
 5:30PM-6:00PMDonny Rain of Reservation Soul
Sunday February 21st2:00PM- 3:00PMJosephine Van Lier
 3:15PM- 3:45PMDonny Rain of Reservation Soul
 4:00PM- 5:00PMJohn Spearn
Friday February 12th8:00PM- 8:45PMThe Royal Foundry
Saturday February 13th1:00PM- 3:30PMAndrew Scott
 3:45PM- 4:30PMKaiya Derkach-Kodie
 4:45PM- 5:30PMNadine Kellman
 5:45PM- 6:30PMAlex Vissia
 8:00PM- 8:45PMAriane Lemire
Sunday February 14th1:00PM- 3:30PMJason Kodie
 3:45PM- 4:30PMKimberley MacGregor
 4:45PM- 5:30PMCayley Thomas
 5:45PM- 6:30PMJesse Northey
 8:00PM- 8:45PMF&M
Monday February 15th1:00PM- 3:30PMJason Kodie
 3:45PM- 4:30PMRebecca Lappa
 4:45PM- 5:30PMJordan Norman
 5:45PM- 6:30PMPaul Woida
 8:00PM- 8:45PM White Lightning
Wednesday February 17th4:00PM- 8:00PMJoses Martin (On Ice)
Friday February 19th8:00PM- 9:00PM Diamond MInd
Saturday February 20th1:00PM- 3:30PM Jason Kodie
 3:45PM- 4:30PMJay Gilday
 4:45PM- 5:30PM Jenie Thai
 5:45PM- 6:30PMLindsey Walker
 8:00PM- 8:45PMNuela Charles
Sunday February 21st1:00PM- 3:30PMJason Kodie

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